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Our solutions for helping with Businesses, valuation, policy review and portfolio review.

Applications For Life Solutions

Our solutions for helping with Businesses, Valuation, Policy Review and Portfolio Review.

Our Solutions

Helping Businesses strive for the last 35 years.

Life Insurance Portfolio Review

While your policies should be reviewed in-depth every one to two years, for amount, type, and duration, policies can often benefit from industry, mortality, and product feature updates. Changes in life or business situations are often trigger the review.

Policy Review & Services

The insurance industry now provides policy features that can reflect both your lifestyle, and insurance needs. Features such as Long-Term Care riders, Tax-Free Income, and your commitment to health can all be included as policy benefits.

Business Valuation

Typically, the business is the most valuable asset for the family of the business owner. Understanding the value of your business is paramount to protecting lifestyle, enterprise value, and legacy. Applications for Life offers a complimentary business valuation.